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Our civil engineers design infrastructure on your building site – elements few see but every project needs. We’re experts in engineering drainage and flood mitigation, septic systems and sewers, utilities, roads – all the systems that your home or buildings require to run smoothly.

Engage Engineering Early

It pays to introduce civil engineering analysis early in your project. You don’t want to get too far down the road on a design, only to find that it’s not feasible on your site.  Or that you can’t get a permit.

As experienced civil engineers, we often can find creative solutions to your site constraints. You may need to take septic system capacity, stormwater management, or flood compliance into consideration before your architect designs an addition to your home. Our engineers develop cost-effective and efficient solutions, focused on delivering the project you want.

Save Time and Money

We help you accomplish your goals with civil engineering that solves problems early in the project. That saves you time and money.

Site Civil Engineering Services

Think of civil engineering as the science and art of designing your site’s infrastructure.

The science involves analyzing existing and proposed systems, while the art is developing creative solutions that are also sound engineering.

Redniss & Mead’s licensed professional engineers or P.E.’s, provide a wide range of civil engineering services to individual homeowners and developers.