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This is where we bring it all together – integrated project planning, permitting, engineering, surveying services – to transform your land use ideas into reality.

Planning for major projects is overseen by a land use professional certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners. Our comprehensive approach enables you to optimize your goals by creatively balancing project requirements, physical constraints and the regulatory process while considering schedule, cost, politics, and neighbor impact.

Planning for Approval

Complex projects generate a host of challenges and conflicting public opinion. Finding the optimal solutions demands creativity, sensitivity and experience. Throughout the process, we put ourselves in the shoes of constituencies affected by your project. We think outside the box in order to accommodate a wide range of perspectives and interests.

We identify regulatory issues early in your project, before you have gone too far down the wrong path. We frequently ask our clients to start with a great design, then we’ll work the regulatory envelope around it. On complex and sometimes controversial projects we have helped convince permitting authorities that the goals of the community, the neighbors and the environment are met by a development that, at first glance, had no clear path to approval.