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When you want to make changes or improvements to your property, a current land survey is the first step. These are also sometimes referred to as: plot plans, A2 surveys or property surveys.

Tell Us Your Project Goals

The type of survey you need is determined by the end result you want to achieve. For example, you may need a simple boundary stake-out to erect a fence. Or a detailed Zoning Location Survey to support your request for a zoning variance. For some permits, you may need a survey performed to a specific standard of accuracy. An “A2 survey” is a term often used by building departments regarding permits.

Save Time and Money

We help you accomplish your goals with the appropriate type of survey – not too little nor too much for your project. That saves you time and money.

Surveying Services

Using efficient digital technology, we deliver quality maps that your architect, contractor or municipal agency find easy to read and use. That means your project goes faster and more smoothly. Redniss & Mead’s licensed land survey professionals provide a wide range of land surveying services to individual homeowners and developers.

The Process